Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish: Why Autumn Is the Season for Furnace Maintenance

fall furnace cleaningAutumn is here. This means the summer heat is gone and chilly days are ahead. This is the time of year when homeowners get reacquainted with their furnace. This makes fall furnace cleaning for your Snohomish home all the more essential.

Why Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish Matters

Middle autumn is when many homeowners begin using their furnaces after not touching the appliance over spring and summer. During this long period of nonuse, the air ducts can gather dust and more harmful contaminants like mold. Keep in mind that heat from the furnace travels through the same ducts as the cool air from the AC. This causes more debris to accumulate during AC peak use in the summer months.

Early fall is the transitory phase between the summer heat and autumn cold. This is the ideal time period for arranging a furnace cleaning. Continue Reading →

HVAC Inspection for Homebuyers in Seattle

HVAC inspection, homebuyer inspection

When searching the market for a house, you need to really do your homework. You should, for example, inquire about the condition of the plumbing, flooring, and roof. Most buyers, though, completely forget to ask about the HVAC. A homebuyer HVAC inspection is essential if you’re scouting for property in Seattle.

Inspect the HVAC

The AC and furnace are typically located out of sight. You should request to see these units. Of course, a visual examination alone doesn’t reveal a whole lot. Ask if the homeowner will be ok with a professional inspection. A technician will actively examine for system irregularities, such as rattling or low output.

Know the System’s Age

Enquire about the system’s age. This gives you a ballpark estimate of the length of time you have before you need to replace the HVAC. Typical units last around 10 to 15 years. An older HVAC unit, however, doesn’t have to be an automatic deal-breaker. If the homeowner has properly cared for the system over the years, then it likely still has plenty of life left in it.

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Why Is Your Tacoma Home So Dusty?

dusty home, dusty house, vent cleaningA house interior naturally accumulates dust. Your only feasible response is to wipe the surfaces clean. It really seems like the dust is manifesting out of thin air. We’ll discuss what leads to a dusty home and how to keep the dust to a minimum.

Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts gather dust, not to mention a plethora of other unsanitary stuff, such as dead bugs and cobwebs. When the HVAC turns on, all that debris blows into the rooms via vents. This is exactly why it’s imperative to book an air duct cleaning annually. Dust from the vents is particularly a problem for homes with carpets. The carpet holds onto the dust and vacuuming only eliminates the surface-most layer.

On the topic of air ducts, leaks in the ducts are also an issue. When the HVAC switches on, the suction can pull air and allergens from outside and blow them into the interior. Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Cigarette Smoke and HVAC Systems in Everett

HVAC cigarette smokeWe don’t have to inform you that smoking is hazardous for your health. However, not a lot of homeowners are aware of the possibility of third-hand smoke from a neighbor/tenant in an adjacent apartment or condo. Residual fumes do indeed circulate from one living quarters to another. Residents need to be mindful of the correlation between HVAC and cigarette smoke.

HVAC and Cigarette Smoke: Exploring the Connection in Everett Homes

We strongly discourage smoking indoors if you reside with other people. The truth is that residual smoke does remain for hours after the cigarette has been put out. Carcinogens and other harmful chemicals can rest on surfaces and affect other people even if you’re home alone at the time of smoking your cigarette.

You can keep residual chemicals at bay with routine dusting and wiping of upholstery and hard surfaces. However, some of the chemicals may rest in the inaccessible sections of the air vents. Every time you turn on the AC or furnace, the air blows the chemicals back into the living space. Continue Reading →

Cleaning Your A-Coil This Summer in King County

A-coil cleaning, evaporator coil cleaningSummer is when homeowners really ramp up AC use. Before increasing usage, however, we suggest cleaning the air ducts and furnace. This also includes cleaning of the evaporator coil, also known as the A-coil. Find out why A-coil cleaning is integral for caring for your HVAC.

The A-Coil Explained

The A-coil is a triangular tube located above the furnace. Air moves past this part before escaping through the vents and into the living space. The air flows across the coil when either the AC or furnace is switched on.

Due to the constant movement of air, the coil surface is prone to contamination. It can collect dust, pet dander, insect remains, and allergens invisible to the naked eye.

Why A-Coil Cleaning Is Necessary in King County

Homeowners can conduct a visual examination of the coil if it’s not encased. If you see dust and grime, then there is a high likelihood the air filter is just as in dire need of cleaning. When a filter is clogged, larger debris is able to make its way in and cling to the coil. If the coil is visibly dirty, then you need to arrange professional servicing.

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Hazards of Operating a Dryer Without a Vent in Bellevue

dryer vent hazardsSome homeowners who purchase a new dryer aren’t sure how to connect it to the vent. Instead of bringing in a professional installer, they just proceed to use the dryer as is without hooking it to the vent. This is a bad idea and is one of the many dryer vent hazards that’s easily preventable.

Why Dryer Operation Without Vent Attachment Is Bad

Despite what some people say, you should never use the dryer if it’s not hooked to the vent. Operation in this way can lead to premature wear to the appliance; it also causes unnecessary safety risks.

When the dryer is in use, it releases moist air. Where does the air go? Well, without a vent attachment, the air circulates into the home interior. Humid air combined with hot weather is a recipe for mold growth. The air also contains microscopic lint particles, which can be dangerous if inhaled. Continue Reading →

Dryer Safety and Fire Prevention Tips in Seattle

dryer safetyWhen you think about house fires, you may think about the stove or electrical wires as the most likely culprits. The dryer, though, is another fire hazard. We’ll discuss dryer safety and some alarming statistics.

Dryer Fire Statistics

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released some alarming numbers pertaining to dryer fires. Washers and dryers can both catch on fire. However, in 92% of cases involving washer and dryer appliances, the latter was the primary culprit. In 2017, nearly 16,000 American residences sustained property damage stemmed from a dryer fire. Those cases led to 440 bodily injuries and $238 million in damage.

How Dryers Cause Fires

Fires are typically ignited from lint and dust. The NFPA estimated that about 1/3rd of dryer fires are due to a backed-up dryer vent. Dryer vent fires also increase around wintertime. The issue, however, is problematic no matter the time of year. Continue Reading →

Do You Have Leaky Air Ducts in Tacoma?

leaky air ductsHomeowners typically think of the faucet or pipes when a leak comes to mind. Did you know, however, that air ducts are just as prone to leaks? Not a water leak, obviously, but a leak of air. In fact, an estimated 10% of indoor air escapes due to leaky air ducts. This leads to needless energy waste.

Signs of Air Duct Leaks

Higher Utility Bills—Is your utility fee steadily rising each month? If so, then the ducts may be the culprit. Air loss forces the HVAC to expend more energy, more so than a unit connected to a fully sealed air duct system. Leaky ducts ultimately take a toll on your finances.

Erratic Temperature—Where does the leaked air go? Much of it seeps outside or flows into the attic. This also prevents the air from making its way into individual rooms. If switching on the air conditioner or furnace, you might feel the full effects in the living room but much less so in the bedrooms. Continue Reading →

Are Your Cleaning Products Affecting Indoor Air Quality in Everett?

cleaning products indoor airHere’s an inconvenient truth: the majority of cleaning products are more harmful than beneficial. Sure, that brand-name spray will dissolve the grease off the countertop, but the chemicals and preservatives can induce allergies in anyone with sensitivities. Cleaning products affect indoor air quality more than you might think, so be selective about your choice of cleaners.

How Do Cleaning Products Erode Indoor Air?

Common window, furniture, and countertop sprays emit chemicals, such as glycol and terpenes. These are hazardous endocrine disruptors that can worsen allergic symptoms. These chemicals are also present in other everyday items, such as:

  • Floor polishers
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Dishwashing detergents
  • Air freshener sprays
  • Toilet bowl cleaners

When researching cleaners, diligently read the label and steer clear of products with the following compounds:

  • Ammonia
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Triclosan
  • Perchloroethylene, or “PERC”
  • Phthalates, a mainstay ingredient in air fresheners

Ways to Enhance Indoor Air Quality in Everett

We suggest using only all-natural cleaners. Avoid lemon or pine-scented products, especially during peak allergy months. When applicable, just stick to lukewarm water and soap. This is as simple of a cleaning formula as it gets, but it’s sufficient as a cleaner.

Air circulation also needs to be sufficient. Apart from leaving windows and doors open, your air ducts also need to be in a healthy usable condition. We suggest avoiding using ionizers, electrostatic precipitators, or other home purifying appliances during cleaning. These devices emit ozone, which may react with airborne cleaning chemicals and create hazardous fumes.

Let Us Enhance Your Residential Air Circulation

What you can’t see can induce harm. Call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for maintenance of your ductwork, furnace, and carpet. Allergy season isn’t far off; take measures to improve air cleanliness. Most cleaning products impact indoor air and not in a good way. An optimal ventilation system is vital if you’re going to be doing some extensive cleaning.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Today in Everett

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Weird Items We Found Inside Air Ducts in Snohomish

air ductsOur crew commonly finds the usual in a routine air duct cleaning. This includes swaths of dust mites, insect remains and droppings, and the occasional dead rodent. On rare occasions, we find bizarre items inside air ducts. This ranges from strange to outright gross stuff. To cap off 2020, we’ll share some of what we and other related companies have found tucked away in residential ducts.

Weird Items Inside Air Ducts

We heard of a company that went to a residence where the occupant was complaining of lack of airflow. A slab of sheetrock was blocking the circulation. The technician broke through the sheetrock to find a hidden cache of VHS tapes. The homeowner misplaced the tapes years ago during a renovation and have no idea how they came to rest in that location.

Air ducts also make terrific hiding spots. Homeowners and/or their kids may hide items of a “sensitive” nature. This includes bags of marijuana, adult magazines, and other items that we’d rather not specifically mention.

Wildlife Inside the Air Ducts

Sometimes, we find animals, alive and long dead. We once serviced the home of a lady who took in homeless cats. One entered the ductwork and refused to leave. Another account included a 4-foot long python that entered the ductwork after escaping its terrarium. This was outside our job description, so we phoned animal control. Other times, we discovered deceased animals other than the common house rat. This includes opossums, raccoons, and other wildlife common in the Snohomish and greater area.

We’ll Clear Out Your Entire Ductwork

End 2020 with a thorough duct and dryer vent cleaning. We also recommend cleaning the furnace now that winter is not far off. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for an inspection. You never know; we just might discover some truly bizarre stuff.

Full Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

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