Four Common Clothes Dryer Mistakes Near Bellevue

clothes dryer mistakes, dryer mistakes

Dryer fires account for 15,000 home fires annually in North America. Often, this is due to backed-up dryer vents. This makes dryer vent cleaning all the more important. Homeowners should also be aware of potential clothes dryer mistakes near Bellevue. These mistakes exacerbate damage and increase the risk of a fire.

1. Drying the Wrong Items

Prior to throwing clothes in the dryer, check all the pockets in your garments to confirm they’re empty. Small items like coins and pens can get lodged in the dryer and lead to a fire. Furnishings like rugs and doormats are also not as dryer-friendly as you may think. It’s better to air-dry these items.

2. Ignoring the Dryer Sensor

Modern dryers have a moisture sensor that keeps clothing from over-drying. You should occasionally wipe the sensors. Over time, residue can accrue over the lens and erode the sensor’s ability to detect that the clothes are fully dried. Using dryer sheets especially leads to residue buildup over the sensors.

3. Not Cleaning Around the Dryer

Keep the dryer surroundings clean. This is crucial because the dryer draws air from the immediate vicinity. If there are lint and other debris, the dryer will suck these particles into the system and possibly cause an obstruction. Make a habit of regularly vacuuming the area. You should also refrain from storing bleach and detergent right next to the appliance.

4. Ignoring the Dryer Vent Pipe

Lint slowly accrues inside the dryer vent pipe and can impede airflow. This leads to increased heat and elevates a fire risk. Have a technician clean the dryer annually.

Avoid Clothes Dryer Mistakes for Improved Home Safety Near Bellevue

As we near the summer, make this the time of year to conduct air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning in addition to dryer maintenance. Avoiding these clothes dryer mistakes near Bellevue will keep the appliance operating smoothly and optimally. Get in touch with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for professional HVAC cleaning.

Avoid Making Clothes Dryer Mistakes Near Bellevue

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What Do You Do if Your Dryer Catches Fire Near Snohomish?

dryer fire

An appliance fire can happen out of the blue and can be an extremely precarious situation. What should you do in the event of a dryer fire in your Snohomish home? Learn how to appropriately respond.

The Dryer Is on Fire; What Do I Do?

First, know what you should NOT do. Your instinct may be to open the dryer door to find out what’s going on. However, if there’s smoke coming from the dryer, the handle may be extremely hot. Opening the door may also send a rush of smoke into your face. The smoke carries chemical residues from burning plastic and can be harmful if inhaled.

If you see smoke but no fire, unplug the dryer. Slowly open the door using a towel or kitchen mitten. If there is a small fire, put it out using a dry chemical fire extinguisher. You should keep one of these in the washer/dryer room for emergencies. You should also store a fire blanket in the room. Use it to smother fires.

When to Evacuate

If the dryer is fully engulfed in flames, then evacuate all occupants and pets right away. Once everyone is accounted for, call 911 or have a neighbor make the call for you. Do not waste time grabbing any belongings other than your mobile phone. Even if you’re able to extinguish the fire, you should still call 911. There may be smoldering inside the dryer that can cause the fire to return.

Prevent Dryer Fires Near Snohomish

Schedule an annual dryer vent cleaning to minimize a dryer fire. Lint is flammable and can abruptly ignite. The yearly maintenance should also include furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning. You can get all of this done in a single visit from a professional technician. Start by making an appointment with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning.

Dryer Fire Prevention Near Snohomish

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Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification in Seattle

plant air purification

A clean air duct is essential for good-quality indoor air. However, you can rid the home of further contaminants by incorporating indoor plants. Plant air purification is something every homeowner should consider. Learn why this is a good household practice and which plants are ideal.

Plant Air Purification in Seattle; How It Works

Leaves have pores that absorb gasses. It’s how plants breathe as part of the photosynthesis process. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide, they also absorb harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. This is known as phytoremediation, and it’s something more homeowners are taking advantage of for promoting cleaner air.

Best Plants for Indoor Air Purification

Let’s look at the best plants that act as air purifiers. 

  • Garden Mum: NASA recommends this plant for its air-purifying abilities. It’s also inexpensive and available at most lawn shops. Garden mums remove indoor pollutants, such as ammonia and xylene.
  • Dracaena: With roughly 40 varieties, you’ll discover one that’s compatible with your home. This plant removes impurities, such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. 
  • Peace Lily: The peace lily has strong purification properties despite its petite stature. While it minimizes harmful pollutants, it does emit pollen. You should stay away from this one if you’re prone to allergies.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant is beloved for its aloe, a gel-like substance with dozens of medicinal uses. While typically an outdoor plant, you can bring it inside for air-purifying benefits. 

We Restore Air Quality

Plant air purification is one way to promote cleaner indoor air. However, this method alone usually isn’t enough. Additional methods like carpet and furnace cleaning all contribute to cleaner air since those items can hold onto contaminants. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to get started and maximize the removal of unwanted pollutants.

Plant Air Purification in Seattle

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Why the Dryer Vent Length Matters Near Everett

dryer vent length

Homeowners often wonder what’s the ideal frequency for cleaning the dryer vent. This is difficult to answer because there are multiple variables, one of which is the dryer vent length. This will partly dictate how often you need to have a professional vent cleaning.

How Long Is Your Dryer Vent?

Homeowners often assume the longer the dryer vent the more often it needs cleaning. A longer vent means more inner lining to clean, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, the inverse is true. That is, shorter vents require more cleaning. Shorter vents also tend to be narrower, making the unit more prone to backups. It also forces the dryer to work harder to push out the backed-up lint.

Typically, we suggest a cleaning annually. However, if you have a shorter vent, then two to three times per year is best. No matter the length, if you notice the clothes are not drying adequately after a full session in the dryer, then there may be an obstruction. This calls for a professional inspection.

Ultimately, the cleaning interval depends on the vent length, how often you use the appliance and the size of the load.

Dryer Vent Length Requirements Near Everett

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) establishes length requirements for dryer vents. The length cannot be more than 25-feet; it should also be as straight as possible. If there is a 90-degree angle in the vent, then it shouldn’t be more than 20-feet. The InterNACHI doesn’t have a minimum length requirement.

We Make Your Dryer Duct Free of Lint

No matter the dryer vent length, too much lint poses a fire risk. However frequently you schedule a dryer vent cleaning, we suggest doing it in conjunction with an air duct and furnace cleaning. Start by contacting Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for an initial assessment of your dryer vent.

Do You Have the Right Dryer Vent Length Near Everett?

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Why Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma Are Bad for Your Heath

dirty air ducts, air duct cleaning

Dirty air ducts aren’t something homeowners typically think about. After all, the ducts are out of sight, so it’s out of mind. However, dirty interior ducts are a primary cause of illness in the home. Find out how this may be contributing to the common cold and flu.

What’s in the Air Inside the Home?

Let’s begin by examining some everyday indoor contaminants and their origins. Pollutants don’t always get into the interior from the outdoors. 

  • Pet dander
  • Volatile organic compounds from old paint
  • Carbon monoxide from gas stoves
  • Emissions from electronic casings
  • Mercury fumes from broken non-LED bulbs 

These impurities can accumulate within an air vent and later blow into the rooms when the air conditioner or furnace is switched on.

Illnesses from Filthy Vents

In most instances, homeowners will experience an allergic reaction and go through the typical symptoms, such as coughing, nasal congestion, and watery eyes. Sinus infections are especially common since the airborne contaminants will enter your nasal passage, causing inflammation. If you have sensitive skin, the pollutants may cause all sorts of dermal maladies like rashes and hives.


When spring arrives, the indoor air can get really bad. While it’s still winter, we suggest an air duct cleaning from a professional. This removes all the pollutants that have accrued over the years. You may also want to invest in a portable dehumidifier. This prevents the air from getting too humid, thus offsetting the growth of mold inside the ducts. It’s also a good idea to regularly steam clean the carpet, since airborne pollutants can eventually settle onto the carpet fibers.

We Treat Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma

As winter approaches, now is a good time to make arrangements with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. We’ll address the dirty air ducts in your home as well as perform additional services, such as dryer vent cleaning and fireplace cleaning.

We Clean Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma 

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How to Maintain a Rooftop Dryer Vent Near King County

rooftop dryer vent, dryer vent

Though it’s not that common, some homes in and around King County do have the laundry room situated on the second floor. If this is the case, the home likely has a rooftop dryer vent. This makes maintenance more challenging.

Rooftop Dryer Vent Inspections Near King County 

Maintaining a dryer vent on a rooftop is more or less the same as when the unit is at ground level. However, more precautions are required. After all, the inspector has to get and move around the roof. This is why we advise against DIY cleaning. 

The contractor scales the roof and evaluates the vent. This is done by running the unit on air-only and verifying all connections are in good order. If there are blockages, then the air shuttling out of the rooftop vent is drastically inhibited.

The Cleaning Process

One of our methodologies includes using a reverse-blowing air ball that we apply into the duct. Employing an air trigger, the air ball cleans the vent interior lining, including the damper and hood. This blows out the lint in hard-to-reach spots like the inner hood surrounding the damper. The lint often becomes lodged as it hardens upon exposure to cold weather. Once the lint loosens, swaths of lint balls begin discharging and fall to the floor, which you can then easily sweep up. 

For a complete cleaning, a professional cleaner needs to access the roof. From the ground, you can only remove some amount of lint and certainly not all of it.

We Perform Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regardless of where your dryer vent is located, leave it to Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for a thorough cleaning. We also suggest using this cleaning appointment to take care of other maintenance needs, including air duct and fireplace cleaning.

Rooftop Dryer Vent Maintenance Near King County

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The Truth About Closed Heating Vents Near Bellevue

closed heating vent, closing heating vents

With fall here and winter not far off, many homeowners are looking for cost-effective methods to keep the home nice and warm. One hack some residents are resorting to is a closed heating vent for the main living quarters and personal bedrooms. Is this really effective at warming the home while saving money?

The Idea Behind a Closed Heating Vent Near Bellevue

Here’s how this DIY trick supposedly works: sealing the vents in unused rooms causes the air to be redirected towards the rooms that are occupied. The idea is that when the air runs into a closed vent, it reverses direction and is re-shuttled to rooms with their vents opened. Homeowners will seal vents by taping a piece of cardboard over the vent. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t improve home heating.

The Truth About Sealing the Vents

If the HVAC is in peak operating order, then this method may work to a small degree. The reality, though, is that most residential HVAC systems have openings and cracks in the air ducts that lead to air leakage. Any heat from a furnace that’s redirected will escape through these openings before they reach any rooms with an open vent.

Here’s another point: even if the vent is sealed, the room still has other openings, such as the space under the door. The room will use this opening to suck air from sections of the home with an opened vent.

The truth is that HVAC systems work most efficiently when the air is evenly spread out over the home. You can’t receive additional air and heat by sealing the vents in unused rooms. The air has a natural tendency to rebalance itself in an interior space. Sealed vents may just lead to hot and cold spots.

We Restore Air Flow Consistency

If you suspect heating discrepancies in your home, contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. Fall is the ideal season for furnace and dryer vent care. The lesson here is that a closed heating vent is not the way to go for improved airflow.

Exposing the Truth About a Closed Heating Vent Near Bellevue

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Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish: Why Autumn Is the Season for Furnace Maintenance

fall furnace cleaningAutumn is here. This means the summer heat is gone and chilly days are ahead. This is the time of year when homeowners get reacquainted with their furnace. This makes fall furnace cleaning for your Snohomish home all the more essential.

Why Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish Matters

Middle autumn is when many homeowners begin using their furnaces after not touching the appliance over spring and summer. During this long period of nonuse, the air ducts can gather dust and more harmful contaminants like mold. Keep in mind that heat from the furnace travels through the same ducts as the cool air from the AC. This causes more debris to accumulate during AC peak use in the summer months.

Early fall is the transitory phase between the summer heat and autumn cold. This is the ideal time period for arranging a furnace cleaning. Continue Reading →

HVAC Inspection for Homebuyers in Seattle

HVAC inspection, homebuyer inspection

When searching the market for a house, you need to really do your homework. You should, for example, inquire about the condition of the plumbing, flooring, and roof. Most buyers, though, completely forget to ask about the HVAC. A homebuyer HVAC inspection is essential if you’re scouting for property in Seattle.

Inspect the HVAC

The AC and furnace are typically located out of sight. You should request to see these units. Of course, a visual examination alone doesn’t reveal a whole lot. Ask if the homeowner will be ok with a professional inspection. A technician will actively examine for system irregularities, such as rattling or low output.

Know the System’s Age

Enquire about the system’s age. This gives you a ballpark estimate of the length of time you have before you need to replace the HVAC. Typical units last around 10 to 15 years. An older HVAC unit, however, doesn’t have to be an automatic deal-breaker. If the homeowner has properly cared for the system over the years, then it likely still has plenty of life left in it.

Continue Reading →

Why Is Your Tacoma Home So Dusty?

dusty home, dusty house, vent cleaningA house interior naturally accumulates dust. Your only feasible response is to wipe the surfaces clean. It really seems like the dust is manifesting out of thin air. We’ll discuss what leads to a dusty home and how to keep the dust to a minimum.

Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts gather dust, not to mention a plethora of other unsanitary stuff, such as dead bugs and cobwebs. When the HVAC turns on, all that debris blows into the rooms via vents. This is exactly why it’s imperative to book an air duct cleaning annually. Dust from the vents is particularly a problem for homes with carpets. The carpet holds onto the dust and vacuuming only eliminates the surface-most layer.

On the topic of air ducts, leaks in the ducts are also an issue. When the HVAC switches on, the suction can pull air and allergens from outside and blow them into the interior. Continue Reading →