Best Reasons To Get Professional Fireplace Cleaning After Winter in Tacoma

Fireplace-Cleaning-TacomaIf you’ve been enjoying your fireplace all season long, it’s important to make sure you take good care of it as winter winds down. Now is the time to make plans for a professional fireplace cleaning. It isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s about safety, efficiency and protecting your investment, too.

Safety First

Fireplaces are charming and cozy, but can also present an uncontrolled fire risk in your house. Over time, soot, debris and creosote can build up in your fireplace and chimney. This buildup is a potential fire hazard. A professional cleaner knows how to remove these dangers and reduce the risk of a chimney fire. It’s like giving your fireplace a safety check-up.

Improved Efficiency

A clean fireplace works better. When there’s less buildup on the walls of the fireplace and chimney, your fireplace more efficiently draws in air, providing better combustion and heat. This means a warmer and more enjoyable experience for you.

Extend the Life of Your Fireplace & Chimney

A thorough and regular cleaning prevents damage to your fireplace and chimney. The corrosive nature of some fire byproducts can wear down the interior, but a cleaner can catch and address these issues early, potentially saving you from costly repairs. 

Interested in a Professional Fireplace Cleaning in Tacoma?

Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning goes above and beyond for our customers. We’re proud to offer you the benefits of our decades of experience in air duct cleaning and repair, dryer vent and bathroom fan cleaning, carpet cleaning, fireplace cleaning and of course, furnace cleaning. But it’s our friendly and highly-trained team that motivates our customers to call us year after year. We are always respectful of your home and welcome even your most challenging cleaning needs to ensure your family’s comfort and well-being. Contact us today!

We Make Fireplace Cleaning Easy in Tacoma

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