Fall Furnace Cleaning in Tacoma: What to Expect

furnace cleaning tacomaAs the seasons change and cooler weather becomes more expected, it’s a good time of year to schedule an appointment for furnace cleaning. If it’s been a while, or maybe you’ve just recently moved into your home, there are some important reasons why this household maintenance task is so important. Learn what to expect and how it keeps your family safe and comfortable.

Change Filters

Your furnace has multiple filters that trap impurities and keep them from entering the system or being pumped through your home. Your HVAC technician will inspect, clean and replace filters to keep your furnace running efficiently and cleanly.

Clean Moving Parts

Furnaces often build up soot and grime on moving parts, which makes them gunky and sluggish. Lubricants can dry out too, and become gummy. During a seasonal service call, these parts are cleaned, lubricated and adjusted to ensure reliable performance during high-demand months where a warm home is crucial. 

Check the Burner

If your furnace’s burner doesn’t have the right mix of fuel and oxygen, there could be serious consequences. As part of the fall check-up, the HVAC technician cleans and adjusts the burner for optimal performance and safety. 

Are You Ready for Furnace Cleaning Services in Tacoma?

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