3 Ways Dryer Vent Cleaning Saves You Money in Bellevue

dryer vent cleaning bellevueChances are you’re on top of most major household maintenance tasks, but it’s easy to overlook dryer vent cleaning. After all, that vent to the outside of the house isn’t always easy to reach, so out of sight and out of mind, as the saying goes. But there are some strong reasons for booking a professional vent cleaning in addition to keeping those dust particles out of your home’s indoor air.

Your Laundry Dries Faster

A vent that’s free of lint offers your dryer the full maximum width of the hose and minimal resistance to the forced air it directs through that hose. Because it’s working more efficiently, your dryer can complete the drying process faster. 

Protect Your Dryer’s Warranty

If you bought a dryer with a warranty, look to see if it calls for regular vent maintenance. Having proof that you took appropriate care of the vent connected to your dryer could help you file a claim if you need to use that warranty coverage for repairing or replacing your appliance. 

Your Appliance Doesn’t Have to Work So Hard

The forced air your dryer pushes out of the vent meets a lot of resistance when that vent is clogged with lint. Your dryer then has to work harder to move that air, increasing wear and tear on your appliance and requiring more energy for the same work.

Ready to Book Dryer Vent Cleaning for Your Bellevue Home?

Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning is a top-rated local contractor with decades of experience in air duct cleaning and repair, dryer vent and bathroom fan cleaning, carpet cleaning, fireplace cleaning and of course, furnace cleaning. Our friendly, professional team is always respectful of your home, and we are dedicated to your total satisfaction. We’re ready to tackle even your most challenging duct cleaning needs to support the comfort and health of your family. Contact us today to schedule your convenient dryer vent cleaning appointment!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services for a Healthier Home–and Wallet–in Bellevue

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