Does Your Home Need an Air Purifier in Everett?

air purifierYou may think your indoor air is clean, but that may not be the case. According to the EPA, indoor air on average can contain up to five times more pollutants than the air outside. While not a cure-all, an air purifier may help clean the interior air in your Everett home.

Air Purifier Vs Humidifier

First, let’s look at how air purifiers differ from humidifiers because homeowners tend to use the terms interchangeably. Humidifiers increase humidity and are generally used during the colder seasons when the air tends to be drier. An air purifier, however, purifies the air by removing common pollutants like dust mites and pet dander. 

How Does Indoor Air Get so Dirty?

Contaminants mainly make their way indoors through the air ducts. Over time, the ducts accumulate dust and debris. As the HVAC cycles on and off, the air blows these impurities into the home. Carpets can also be a harbinger of impurities, which is why we recommend routine carpet cleaning

Our Take

Air purifiers certainly have a place in most households especially if there are occupants susceptible to allergies. However, air purifiers won’t instantly cure your chronic allergies. A more feasible solution is regular air duct cleaning. Likewise, you should also regularly schedule dryer vent cleaning. Clogged dryers are prone to mold growth and can lead to a host of respiratory complications.

We Promote Healthy Indoor Living in Everett

By all means, incorporate an air purifier into your Everett home. However, if this is your only solution, then you’re only addressing the symptoms, not the problem. You need a dynamic approach that includes a thorough cleaning of the air ducts, carpets, dryer, and more. You can get these done by making an appointment with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning

An Air Purifier Makes a Good temporary Solution in Everett

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