How to Recognize the Signs of Carpet Mold in Seattle

carpet moldMold is capable of growing on most surfaces, including household items like upholstery and inside air ducts. It also grows on carpets and is often not visible to the naked eye. Learn how to detect carpet mold and what to do about it.

Why Mold on Carpets Are Hard to Detect

On smooth and flat surfaces, mold is easy to notice due to the blackish or greenish clustered dots. With carpet, unfortunately, it tends to grow below the surface. It’s even harder in darker-colored carpets where mold more easily blends in. Since you can’t rely on your eyes, you’ll have to rely on other symptoms.

Musty Odor

A musty-like odor is a sign of mold below the strands. The smell may not be apparent to you because your nose has become accustomed to the odor. However, the smell will be obvious to guests.

Water Exposure

Mold growth is likely if your carpet was exposed to prolonged water exposure for 24 hours or more. If your carpet received extensive H2O exposure due to a flood or pipe leak, then mold may occur. The same may happen if there’s a liquid spill that you don’t clean up right away.

Carpet Age

Some homeowners believe carpet smells are natural as a carpet gets older. A musty smell is never normal. As your carpet ages, it becomes more susceptible to mold growth.


Mold triggers allergies in people that are prone to allergens. This usually stems from a dirty air duct or furnace. However, it can also stem from a dirty carpet. If you notice an increase in coughing, wheezing, and migraines, then there may be something unwelcome growing beneath the carpet.

We Remove Carpet Mold in Seattle

Carpet cleaning is one of our mainstay services. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to rid your carpet of mold and bacteria. Regular cleaning ensures the cleanliness of your home interior. 

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