Is Your Home Afflicted with Sick Building Syndrome in Snohomish?

sick building syndromeEven if you have heard of sick building syndrome, you may think this is something relegated to public facilities and commercial offices. However, the truth is that this affects home interiors as well. What actions do you need to take if this happens to your home? 

What Is Sick Building Syndrome in Snohomish?

Sick building syndrome is severe enough that the condition is recognized by the EPA. This is a syndrome where illness among the occupants is linked to the building. The exact causes may differ, but cases are usually due to the interior containing excessive levels of airborne contaminants, such as dust mites, pollen, and mold. Occupants may experience respiratory illnesses that include coughing, runny nose, ad teary eyes. They may also report feeling lethargic.


In the work sphere, the syndrome leads to $60 billion in lost productivity annually, according to the EPA. Most people ultimately spend more time in their homes than in their workplaces. This can make residences a source of illness as well. 

How to Minimize It

Have you or any other home occupants experienced the aforementioned symptoms? The syndrome could very well be afflicting your home. One solution is to schedule a yearly air duct cleaning. The duct interiors are out of sight, but it contains contaminants that are blown into individual rooms when you turn on the HVAC unit.

Contaminants also proliferate the carpet. Apart from bacteria and mold, the carpet strands can also harbor volatile organic compounds (VOC) from shampoos and other chemical-based cleaners. Arranging for annual carpet cleaning is a good way to minimize pollutants.

We Reduce Indoor Pollutants

Interior air pollution is a major cause of sick building syndrome in Snohomish residences. Air duct, dryer vent, and furnace cleaning from a professional are good ways to prevent your loved ones from getting sick. You can schedule these services by contacting Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning today.

Minimize Sick Building Syndrome in Snohomish

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