Summer Furnace Maintenance in Tacoma: How to “Store” Your Furnace While It’s Not in Use

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Summer is now here. With the sunny weather, you’re probably not going to be using the furnace any time soon. This makes it the ideal time to schedule maintenance so that it’s ready by the following fall and winter. Here are some summer furnace maintenance tips to keep in mind during this season.

1. Turn Off the Pilot Light

Most modern furnaces activate the burners via an electronic switch. However, older models use a pilot light. When left on, the pilot light creates excess heat in the home interior; it also stresses the appliances. Refer to the user’s manual to find out how to turn the pilot light off.

You should also completely switch off the gas supply to the furnace altogether. This prevents gas buildup from accumulating in the furnace’s interior.

2. Clean the Furnace

Even when the furnace is off, dust can still collect inside the unit. This can inhibit airflow by the time you begin using the appliance the following fall. All the excess dust and debris can also be a fire hazard. Summer is the ideal time for furnace cleaning.

3. Replace the Air Filter

Mold has been known to grow inside the furnace. This can lead to serious sanitation issues. When you turn on the furnace, this can blow polluted air into the home interior and into areas like the carpet and furniture. To minimize mold growth, check the furnace’s air filter and replace it if it’s dirty. Replace it now; don’t wait until fall or winter.

Schedule Summer Furnace Maintenance in Tacoma

Now is the time to manage your furnace while it’s not in use. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to make arrangements for summer furnace maintenance. This is also a good time of year to schedule fireplace cleaning, while the fixture is also not in use.

Summer Furnace Maintenance in Tacoma

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