Four Common Clothes Dryer Mistakes Near Bellevue

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Dryer fires account for 15,000 home fires annually in North America. Often, this is due to backed-up dryer vents. This makes dryer vent cleaning all the more important. Homeowners should also be aware of potential clothes dryer mistakes near Bellevue. These mistakes exacerbate damage and increase the risk of a fire.

1. Drying the Wrong Items

Prior to throwing clothes in the dryer, check all the pockets in your garments to confirm they’re empty. Small items like coins and pens can get lodged in the dryer and lead to a fire. Furnishings like rugs and doormats are also not as dryer-friendly as you may think. It’s better to air-dry these items.

2. Ignoring the Dryer Sensor

Modern dryers have a moisture sensor that keeps clothing from over-drying. You should occasionally wipe the sensors. Over time, residue can accrue over the lens and erode the sensor’s ability to detect that the clothes are fully dried. Using dryer sheets especially leads to residue buildup over the sensors.

3. Not Cleaning Around the Dryer

Keep the dryer surroundings clean. This is crucial because the dryer draws air from the immediate vicinity. If there are lint and other debris, the dryer will suck these particles into the system and possibly cause an obstruction. Make a habit of regularly vacuuming the area. You should also refrain from storing bleach and detergent right next to the appliance.

4. Ignoring the Dryer Vent Pipe

Lint slowly accrues inside the dryer vent pipe and can impede airflow. This leads to increased heat and elevates a fire risk. Have a technician clean the dryer annually.

Avoid Clothes Dryer Mistakes for Improved Home Safety Near Bellevue

As we near the summer, make this the time of year to conduct air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning in addition to dryer maintenance. Avoiding these clothes dryer mistakes near Bellevue will keep the appliance operating smoothly and optimally. Get in touch with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for professional HVAC cleaning.

Avoid Making Clothes Dryer Mistakes Near Bellevue

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