What Do You Do if Your Dryer Catches Fire Near Snohomish?

dryer fire

An appliance fire can happen out of the blue and can be an extremely precarious situation. What should you do in the event of a dryer fire in your Snohomish home? Learn how to appropriately respond.

The Dryer Is on Fire; What Do I Do?

First, know what you should NOT do. Your instinct may be to open the dryer door to find out what’s going on. However, if there’s smoke coming from the dryer, the handle may be extremely hot. Opening the door may also send a rush of smoke into your face. The smoke carries chemical residues from burning plastic and can be harmful if inhaled.

If you see smoke but no fire, unplug the dryer. Slowly open the door using a towel or kitchen mitten. If there is a small fire, put it out using a dry chemical fire extinguisher. You should keep one of these in the washer/dryer room for emergencies. You should also store a fire blanket in the room. Use it to smother fires.

When to Evacuate

If the dryer is fully engulfed in flames, then evacuate all occupants and pets right away. Once everyone is accounted for, call 911 or have a neighbor make the call for you. Do not waste time grabbing any belongings other than your mobile phone. Even if you’re able to extinguish the fire, you should still call 911. There may be smoldering inside the dryer that can cause the fire to return.

Prevent Dryer Fires Near Snohomish

Schedule an annual dryer vent cleaning to minimize a dryer fire. Lint is flammable and can abruptly ignite. The yearly maintenance should also include furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning. You can get all of this done in a single visit from a professional technician. Start by making an appointment with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning.

Dryer Fire Prevention Near Snohomish

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