Best Indoor Plants for Air Purification in Seattle

plant air purification

A clean air duct is essential for good-quality indoor air. However, you can rid the home of further contaminants by incorporating indoor plants. Plant air purification is something every homeowner should consider. Learn why this is a good household practice and which plants are ideal.

Plant Air Purification in Seattle; How It Works

Leaves have pores that absorb gasses. It’s how plants breathe as part of the photosynthesis process. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide, they also absorb harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. This is known as phytoremediation, and it’s something more homeowners are taking advantage of for promoting cleaner air.

Best Plants for Indoor Air Purification

Let’s look at the best plants that act as air purifiers. 

  • Garden Mum: NASA recommends this plant for its air-purifying abilities. It’s also inexpensive and available at most lawn shops. Garden mums remove indoor pollutants, such as ammonia and xylene.
  • Dracaena: With roughly 40 varieties, you’ll discover one that’s compatible with your home. This plant removes impurities, such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. 
  • Peace Lily: The peace lily has strong purification properties despite its petite stature. While it minimizes harmful pollutants, it does emit pollen. You should stay away from this one if you’re prone to allergies.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant is beloved for its aloe, a gel-like substance with dozens of medicinal uses. While typically an outdoor plant, you can bring it inside for air-purifying benefits. 

We Restore Air Quality

Plant air purification is one way to promote cleaner indoor air. However, this method alone usually isn’t enough. Additional methods like carpet and furnace cleaning all contribute to cleaner air since those items can hold onto contaminants. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to get started and maximize the removal of unwanted pollutants.

Plant Air Purification in Seattle

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