Why Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma Are Bad for Your Heath

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Dirty air ducts aren’t something homeowners typically think about. After all, the ducts are out of sight, so it’s out of mind. However, dirty interior ducts are a primary cause of illness in the home. Find out how this may be contributing to the common cold and flu.

What’s in the Air Inside the Home?

Let’s begin by examining some everyday indoor contaminants and their origins. Pollutants don’t always get into the interior from the outdoors. 

  • Pet dander
  • Volatile organic compounds from old paint
  • Carbon monoxide from gas stoves
  • Emissions from electronic casings
  • Mercury fumes from broken non-LED bulbs 

These impurities can accumulate within an air vent and later blow into the rooms when the air conditioner or furnace is switched on.

Illnesses from Filthy Vents

In most instances, homeowners will experience an allergic reaction and go through the typical symptoms, such as coughing, nasal congestion, and watery eyes. Sinus infections are especially common since the airborne contaminants will enter your nasal passage, causing inflammation. If you have sensitive skin, the pollutants may cause all sorts of dermal maladies like rashes and hives.


When spring arrives, the indoor air can get really bad. While it’s still winter, we suggest an air duct cleaning from a professional. This removes all the pollutants that have accrued over the years. You may also want to invest in a portable dehumidifier. This prevents the air from getting too humid, thus offsetting the growth of mold inside the ducts. It’s also a good idea to regularly steam clean the carpet, since airborne pollutants can eventually settle onto the carpet fibers.

We Treat Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma

As winter approaches, now is a good time to make arrangements with Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. We’ll address the dirty air ducts in your home as well as perform additional services, such as dryer vent cleaning and fireplace cleaning.

We Clean Dirty Air Ducts in Tacoma 

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