The Truth About Closed Heating Vents Near Bellevue

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With fall here and winter not far off, many homeowners are looking for cost-effective methods to keep the home nice and warm. One hack some residents are resorting to is a closed heating vent for the main living quarters and personal bedrooms. Is this really effective at warming the home while saving money?

The Idea Behind a Closed Heating Vent Near Bellevue

Here’s how this DIY trick supposedly works: sealing the vents in unused rooms causes the air to be redirected towards the rooms that are occupied. The idea is that when the air runs into a closed vent, it reverses direction and is re-shuttled to rooms with their vents opened. Homeowners will seal vents by taping a piece of cardboard over the vent. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t improve home heating.

The Truth About Sealing the Vents

If the HVAC is in peak operating order, then this method may work to a small degree. The reality, though, is that most residential HVAC systems have openings and cracks in the air ducts that lead to air leakage. Any heat from a furnace that’s redirected will escape through these openings before they reach any rooms with an open vent.

Here’s another point: even if the vent is sealed, the room still has other openings, such as the space under the door. The room will use this opening to suck air from sections of the home with an opened vent.

The truth is that HVAC systems work most efficiently when the air is evenly spread out over the home. You can’t receive additional air and heat by sealing the vents in unused rooms. The air has a natural tendency to rebalance itself in an interior space. Sealed vents may just lead to hot and cold spots.

We Restore Air Flow Consistency

If you suspect heating discrepancies in your home, contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. Fall is the ideal season for furnace and dryer vent care. The lesson here is that a closed heating vent is not the way to go for improved airflow.

Exposing the Truth About a Closed Heating Vent Near Bellevue

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