Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish: Why Autumn Is the Season for Furnace Maintenance

fall furnace cleaningAutumn is here. This means the summer heat is gone and chilly days are ahead. This is the time of year when homeowners get reacquainted with their furnace. This makes fall furnace cleaning for your Snohomish home all the more essential.

Why Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish Matters

Middle autumn is when many homeowners begin using their furnaces after not touching the appliance over spring and summer. During this long period of nonuse, the air ducts can gather dust and more harmful contaminants like mold. Keep in mind that heat from the furnace travels through the same ducts as the cool air from the AC. This causes more debris to accumulate during AC peak use in the summer months.

Early fall is the transitory phase between the summer heat and autumn cold. This is the ideal time period for arranging a furnace cleaning.

What’s Included in a Furnace Inspection?

We cover every part of the furnace, including the filter, heat exchanger, and blower. While filter maintenance is a doable DIY process, the other parts warrant professional attention. Apart from cleaning, we also thoroughly examine parts up close and pinpoint components that may need repair.

We can identify, for instance, a leak in the exhaust flue, which is common where the pipe and furnace adjoin. Openings pose a risk of carbon monoxide leaking into the home interior. While you can seal smaller openings using foil tape, corroded flues need a full replacement. During servicing, the inspector can examine for other signs of trouble, such as fraying or slack in the blower belt.

Schedule a Cleaning Before Using the Furnace

If you expect to ramp up furnace use this fall, contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. Autumn is the season for a thorough checkup of the HVAC, dryer vents, and other significant residential appliances. Fall furnace cleaning ensures air that’s warm and clean.

Fall Furnace Cleaning in Snohomish

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