Why Is Your Tacoma Home So Dusty?

dusty home, dusty house, vent cleaningA house interior naturally accumulates dust. Your only feasible response is to wipe the surfaces clean. It really seems like the dust is manifesting out of thin air. We’ll discuss what leads to a dusty home and how to keep the dust to a minimum.

Dirty Air Ducts

The air ducts gather dust, not to mention a plethora of other unsanitary stuff, such as dead bugs and cobwebs. When the HVAC turns on, all that debris blows into the rooms via vents. This is exactly why it’s imperative to book an air duct cleaning annually. Dust from the vents is particularly a problem for homes with carpets. The carpet holds onto the dust and vacuuming only eliminates the surface-most layer.

On the topic of air ducts, leaks in the ducts are also an issue. When the HVAC switches on, the suction can pull air and allergens from outside and blow them into the interior.

Dirty Dryer Vents

If you’ve never cleaned the dryer vent before, then it’s likely filled with lint and blocking the filter. While the dryer blows most of the lint outdoors, some of it remains after every use of the appliance. When the dryer vent becomes blocked, some of that lint makes its way indoors, creating dust in the immediate vicinity.

Low-Quality Air Conditioner Filter

Most AC units use a fiberglass air filter. The disadvantage is that these filters have quite a low Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. We advise opting for a MERV rating of at least five to sufficiently filter dust. Regardless of the rating, you should replace the filter every year.

Have a Dusty Home in Tacoma?

Contact AEF Cleaning to book an evaluation of your ducts, vents, and furnace. Dust is a sign that the air ducts are overdue for an inspection. A dusty home primarily stems from unmaintained ducts.

Ductwork Cleaning for a Less Dusty Home in Tacoma

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