What You Need to Know About Cigarette Smoke and HVAC Systems in Everett

HVAC cigarette smokeWe don’t have to inform you that smoking is hazardous for your health. However, not a lot of homeowners are aware of the possibility of third-hand smoke from a neighbor/tenant in an adjacent apartment or condo. Residual fumes do indeed circulate from one living quarters to another. Residents need to be mindful of the correlation between HVAC and cigarette smoke.

HVAC and Cigarette Smoke: Exploring the Connection in Everett Homes

We strongly discourage smoking indoors if you reside with other people. The truth is that residual smoke does remain for hours after the cigarette has been put out. Carcinogens and other harmful chemicals can rest on surfaces and affect other people even if you’re home alone at the time of smoking your cigarette.

You can keep residual chemicals at bay with routine dusting and wiping of upholstery and hard surfaces. However, some of the chemicals may rest in the inaccessible sections of the air vents. Every time you turn on the AC or furnace, the air blows the chemicals back into the living space.

In apartments and condominiums, the vents are interconnected to a single HVAC unit. If a neighbor or nearby tenant lights up, you can still incur the third-hand ramifications.

Prevention Measures

For smokers, we highly recommend going outside to smoke. We also suggest routinely replacing the HVAC filter or confirming that the landlord does so. The filter is the main defense measure; it traps the contaminants and stops them from dispersing in the air.

In addition, you can use an air sanitizer. While this won’t eliminate the chemicals, it’ll minimize cigarette stench and other unpleasant smells.

We Clear Ducts of Cigarette Smoke

To fully eliminate third-hand smoke, call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to clear the vents and change the filters. We suggest a comprehensive cleaning of the ducts, furnace, and dryer vents as you ramp up AC use in the summer. HVAC and cigarette smoke do not go hand in hand.

HVAC and Cigarette Smoke in Everett

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