Cleaning Your A-Coil This Summer in King County

A-coil cleaning, evaporator coil cleaningSummer is when homeowners really ramp up AC use. Before increasing usage, however, we suggest cleaning the air ducts and furnace. This also includes cleaning of the evaporator coil, also known as the A-coil. Find out why A-coil cleaning is integral for caring for your HVAC.

The A-Coil Explained

The A-coil is a triangular tube located above the furnace. Air moves past this part before escaping through the vents and into the living space. The air flows across the coil when either the AC or furnace is switched on.

Due to the constant movement of air, the coil surface is prone to contamination. It can collect dust, pet dander, insect remains, and allergens invisible to the naked eye.

Why A-Coil Cleaning Is Necessary in King County

Homeowners can conduct a visual examination of the coil if it’s not encased. If you see dust and grime, then there is a high likelihood the air filter is just as in dire need of cleaning. When a filter is clogged, larger debris is able to make its way in and cling to the coil. If the coil is visibly dirty, then you need to arrange professional servicing.

A-coil cleaning is not a task for the homeowner. The procedure requires commercial tools, such as a high-pressure air wand or non-rinsing coil cleaner.

A Dirty A-Coil Induces Mold Growth

Mold growth in the ducts is also a major concern during the hotter months. A dirty A-coil/evaporator coil causes mold spores to proliferate. The coil is also susceptible to condensation. Moisture combined with dust mites further encourages the harmful spread of fungi growth, including dangerous black mold.

Leave the Cleaning to Us

Before maximizing use of the AC, contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. Make arrangements for a summer cleaning that includes duct, furnace, and dryer vent cleaning. A-coil cleaning is a necessary step for ensuring optimal HVAC performance.

Complete Furnace and A-Coil Cleaning in King County

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