Are Your Cleaning Products Affecting Indoor Air Quality in Everett?

cleaning products indoor airHere’s an inconvenient truth: the majority of cleaning products are more harmful than beneficial. Sure, that brand-name spray will dissolve the grease off the countertop, but the chemicals and preservatives can induce allergies in anyone with sensitivities. Cleaning products affect indoor air quality more than you might think, so be selective about your choice of cleaners.

How Do Cleaning Products Erode Indoor Air?

Common window, furniture, and countertop sprays emit chemicals, such as glycol and terpenes. These are hazardous endocrine disruptors that can worsen allergic symptoms. These chemicals are also present in other everyday items, such as:

  • Floor polishers
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Dishwashing detergents
  • Air freshener sprays
  • Toilet bowl cleaners

When researching cleaners, diligently read the label and steer clear of products with the following compounds:

  • Ammonia
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Triclosan
  • Perchloroethylene, or “PERC”
  • Phthalates, a mainstay ingredient in air fresheners

Ways to Enhance Indoor Air Quality in Everett

We suggest using only all-natural cleaners. Avoid lemon or pine-scented products, especially during peak allergy months. When applicable, just stick to lukewarm water and soap. This is as simple of a cleaning formula as it gets, but it’s sufficient as a cleaner.

Air circulation also needs to be sufficient. Apart from leaving windows and doors open, your air ducts also need to be in a healthy usable condition. We suggest avoiding using ionizers, electrostatic precipitators, or other home purifying appliances during cleaning. These devices emit ozone, which may react with airborne cleaning chemicals and create hazardous fumes.

Let Us Enhance Your Residential Air Circulation

What you can’t see can induce harm. Call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for maintenance of your ductwork, furnace, and carpet. Allergy season isn’t far off; take measures to improve air cleanliness. Most cleaning products impact indoor air and not in a good way. An optimal ventilation system is vital if you’re going to be doing some extensive cleaning.

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