Why You Should Never Clean a Dryer Vent with a Leaf Blower in Bellevue

dryer vent cleaningAir ducts and dryer vents are very sophisticated systems. This is why DIY cleaning hardly ever works. Over the years, we’ve met homeowners who have attempted all sorts of crazy DIY hacks. One such out-of-the-box idea is dryer vent cleaning with a leaf blower. In case you’re contemplating such an idea, we’ll explain why this method will likely result in failure.

Dryer Vent Cleaning With a Leaf Blower: What’s Wrong With This?

Some homeowners try to remove lint with a powerful blast of air with a leaf blower. This doesn’t remove the lint. All it does is push the debris towards the opening without actually expelling the lint. This creates a clog that slows the clothing’s drying process.

When homeowners use a leaf blower, they disconnect the dryer and insert the leaf blower’s nozzle into the vent line. The air blast is supposed to force the lint out of the vent to the outside. This sounds simple enough. Unfortunately, the results usually don’t work as anticipated.

Why Using a Leaf Blower Doesn’t Work

This technique often fails to work for several reasons:

  • The dryer vent is too long. The blower can only push the lint several feet.
  • The vent has multiple twists and turns. The blower is unable to push the lint past those angles and corners.
  • The vent has a mesh screen over the outside opening.
  • The vent consists of accordion-flex ducting, causing the lint to rest in the folds instead of exiting the tube.

We Clean Your Dryer Vent the Right Way

Leave the vent cleaning to Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. We suggest this as part of a whole home inspection that also covers the air ducts and furnace. DIY hacks like dryer vent cleaning with a leaf blower just prolong the issue rather than providing a long-lasting solution.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Done the Right Way

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