Protect Your Home with Regular Flue Cleaning in Everett

Flue CleaningHere’s a fact most homeowners are unaware of: the home requires a regular chimney cleaning – even if it doesn’t have a chimney. Confused? Let us clarify: more precisely, you need a flue cleaning. The flue is similar to a chimney, and it needs routine maintenance much like the air ducts in your home.

What is a Flue?

Modern chimneys have a flue. This is an interior metal lining that transports soot, gas, carbon monoxide, and other toxic byproducts out of the home. Flues aren’t just found in chimneys; they’re also a mainstay in furnaces, boilers, and HVAC units.

Why Flue Cleaning Matters

Flues remove harmful substances, and creosote is the main byproduct found in a chimney flue. For oil-burning appliances, the primary buildup is soot. Gas appliances tend to leave behind fewer deposits but still produce acidic byproducts like chlorine and sulfur.

Aside from buildup, flues can also experience backups much the same way as a pipe drain. Debris from leaves, twigs, and animal nesting can accumulate inside the flue. Fortunately, homeowners can easily correct this issue by installing a flue cap. Blockages can prevent the seamless exit of harmful substances, creating potential fire risks and health concerns.

Flue Cleaning at a Glance

Flue cleaning is not a DIY job. A technician must disconnect the vent pipes from the burner and use a special vacuum to loosen and catch debris. For flues that enter a chase and bend at a 90-degree angle, a technician uses a flexible air whip in place of a conventional brush and cleaning rod.

Clean Your Flue this Summer

The summer is the ideal time of year to service your furnace, ducts, and dryer vents. Schedule a cleaning with Aurora Edmunds Furnace Cleaning. A flue cleaning in Everett is necessary for optimal appliance function and home safety.

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