4 Common Causes of Airflow Problems in Residential Air Ducts

airflow problemsResolve Airflow Problems in Your Tacoma Home

Many homeowners are rightfully concerned about germs in their home. This is reasonable given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide virus aside, the home is riddled with bacteria that can lead to other and far more common ailments, such as the conventional flu and the common cold. Often, the spread of germs in the home is in large part due to airflow problems in the air ducts. An air duct cleaning is likely in order for your home. Learn to identify the signs of obstructed airflow.

1. Air Leaks

Residential air duct systems consist of multiple sleeves screwed together. The sections where they intersect aren’t always airtight, allowing air to escape at the joints. This can be solved by using a sealant or mastic specifically designed for air duct joints.

2. Dirty Fan Blower

Air conditioners and furnaces have a fan blower that allocates air throughout the ducts. Dust buildup on the blades inhibits the blower’s ability to distribute air. The fan blower should be cleaned with every air duct and HVAC inspection.

3. Dirty AC Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is located above the furnace in a central AC unit. The coil produces cold air by absorbing heat. The component, though, loses its ability to perform this function as it builds up dust over the years. Clean the coil and the fan blower annually to prevent excess dust accumulation.

4. Insufficient Return Air

Air ducts draw in air from return vents. An obstructed return vent results in less air for the ducts to blow out to the supply vents. A technician can determine if obstructed return vents are the culprit and whether they need a cleaning or repair.

We Clear Airflow Problems in Your Air Duct System

Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to have your air ducts, furnace, and dryer vent cleaned. Poor airflow leads to germ proliferation. It also forces the HVAC to work overtime, thus lowering energy efficiency. Prevent airflow problems in the air duct system altogether by scheduling a yearly cleaning.

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