Winter Carpet Protection: Safeguard the Carpet from Snow and Ice

carpet protection, winter carpetBeing smack in the middle of winter means the possibility of snowfall in some areas of Seattle. Some of that ice may make its way indoors and onto the carpet from the soles of your footwear. Winter carpet protection is a necessity if you anticipate snow or heavy rain.

How Does Snow Affect the Carpet?

The snow you bring in on your shoes or boots isn’t just frozen particles of water; it’s also composed of salt and mud. Water can cause a wet carpet, facilitating mold and bacterial growth. Mud can leave behind stains. Furthermore, when mud dries, it can harden and stiffen the carpet fiber strands.

Salt, or road salt to be more specific, is just as harmful. It can cause the carpet surface to take on a whitish/faded appearance and form a crusty texture.

How to Protect Your Carpet This Winter

Make use of an entrance mat. Stomp your feet on the mat to loosen ice and mud and remove your footwear before stepping foot onto the carpet. Instill the same discipline in your children. For a greater effect, use a mat with a built-in heavy-duty scrubber.

Another option is a plastic carpet cover. We know that this option is a bit tacky. After all, why install a carpet in the first place only to place a plastic sheet over it? However, do consider it at least for the winter or when expecting a full house with multiple guests.

Finally, schedule an annual carpet cleaning. We use a high-suction vacuum that reaches the depths of the fiber.

Leave Protecting the Carpet Winter to Us

We suggest a floor cleaning in conjunction with an air duct and furnace cleaning as a part of a whole home maintenance. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning as a 2020 initiative for a more kempt home. Carpet winter protection requires a professional touch for best results.

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