Winter Fireplace Safety: Prevent a Holiday Chimney Fire

fireplace safety, chimney fireThe holiday is the ideal time of year to resume use of the fireplace after a long hiatus. However, unbeknownst to most homeowners, the chimney may also pose a serious health hazard. Winter fireplace safety is crucial for the well-being of your family because it will help you to prevent a chimney fire.

The Hazards of an Uncleaned Chimney

Hidden dangers lurk in the chimney. If you have not cleaned the chimney since its last use, soot may line the interior. Soot is composed of carbon and ash and is a remnant from logs that didn’t completely burn. The carbon portion of soot is highly flammable and puts the home at risk of a chimney fire.

Aside from soot, the chimney may also contain creosote. This is another substance that’s highly flammable and was deposited as a vapor residue from partially burned wood.

A chimney sweep is highly recommended once soot and creosote buildup accumulates to a layer an eighth of an inch thick.

Glaze Buildup

Most homeowners are at least semi-familiar of the risks of soot and creosote. However, very few are aware of glaze. This is a tar-like substance that forms hardened black globules in the chimney lining. Like soot and creosote, glaze is also highly flammable but even more dangerous because it’s more difficult to remove.

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection

Schedule a professional cleaning before you use the fireplace. Aside from a cleaning, we can also inspect for cracks. An opening in the flu or lining can result in escaped heat and is another way the home can catch fire.

Make Winter Fireplace Safety a Priority

Winter nights cozying near the fireplace is a long-favored holiday tradition for many households. However, make arrangements for a cleaning by calling Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. We clean fireplaces, air ducts, and furnaces. Winter fireplace safety reduces the grave risk of a preventable house fire.

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