How to Recognize the Signs of Carpet Mold

carpet moldMold is quite resilient and can grow on most surfaces, including upholstery, wallpaper, insulation, and painted walls. Because carpet is another such area, homeowners must learn to recognize carpet mold. A visual inspection is often insufficient.

Why Carpet Mold Is Hard to Detect

On smooth surfaces, mold is easy to spot with its black or greenish splotches. However, in a carpet, the mold typically grows below the fiber strands’ surface. Furthermore, if the carpet is darker in color, the mold blends in.

Without the visual signs, homeowners need to rely on other symptoms to recognize that something is amiss with their home flooring.

Musty Odor

A musty smell is one indicator of carpet mold growth. As the homeowner, you may have become accustomed to the smell and not be aware of it. However, it will be apparent to visitors.

Water Exposure

Mold growth is probable if the carpet was exposed to moisture for 24 hours or longer. Did your carpet recently get wet from a flood or a leak? Even a spilled drink puts the carpet at risk if you didn’t wipe up the spill promptly.

Carpet Age

Some people think a musty smell is a natural part of the carpet’s aging process. We can say emphatically that a musty odor is not normal. The older your carpet is, the more likely it is to have mold, particularly if you have never had it professionally cleaned.


Mold triggers allergies in sensitive individuals. If you suddenly experience bronchitis or asthma-like symptoms, then it could be stemming from mold in your carpet.

We Remove Carpet Mold

Carpet cleaning is one of our recently-added services. We suggest this in addition to air duct and dryer vent cleaning as part of an annual house cleaning. Carpet mold, though out of sight, can create serious health problem. Call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning if you suspect carpet mold.

Professional Carpet Mold Removal

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