Summer Furnace Maintenance: How to “Store” Your Furnace While It’s Not in Use

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With summer in full swing, your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind. This is exactly the season to maintain the unit to ensure that it is ready by late fall and early winter. Follow these summer furnace maintenance tips so your furnace remains efficient when you need it most.

1. Turn Off the Pilot Light

Most modern furnaces activate the burners via electronic ignition. However, if you have an older system, then it may use a pilot light. Leaving the pilot light on adds unnecessary heat to the home, and it stresses the furnace. Follow the furnace’s operator manual to find out how to switch off the pilot light.

Along with the pilot light, we also suggest shutting off the gas supply to the furnace for the summer. This maintenance technique prevents gas buildup inside the unit.

2. Clean the Furnace

Dust and debris can accumulate inside the furnace even when it’s shut off. This impedes airflow, forcing the unit to work harder when you resume use in the fall or winter. In addition, a heavy layer of dust also creates a fire hazard. We suggest scheduling a furnace cleaning during this time.

3. Replace the Air Filter

The air filter can still collect dust even when the furnace is not in use. A dirty air filter leads to dirtier indoor air. Mold may also grow inside the furnace during the summer, polluting the air further. To check the air filter, hold it up to the light. If light can’t pass through, then you need to replace it. Replace it now instead of waiting until fall.

Schedule Summer Furnace Maintenance this Season

Take care of your furnace now while the unit is dormant. Call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to schedule servicing in conjunction with an air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Summer furnace maintenance ensures that you have ample heat when fall comes around.

Summer Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

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