Why the Dryer Vent Length Matters

dryer vent length

People often ask us how often they should clean the dryer vent. We can’t provide a uniform answer because the answer depends on multiple variables. One factor is the dryer vent length. This affects cleaning interval more than homeowners might realize.

How Long Is Your Dryer Vent?

Some people think the longer the dryer vent the more frequently it requires cleaning. After all, a lengthier vent means more surface area to clean, right? Actually, the opposite is true. The shorter the vent, and the less wide it is, the more often it requires cleaning. A shorter and narrower vent is more prone to clogging. It also undergoes more pressure as dryer pushes lint out. 

Generally, we recommend a dryer vent cleaning once a year. With shorter vents, aim for two to three cleanings annually. Regardless of length, schedule a cleaning if you notice that clothes are taking longer than normal to dry. This is a sign of impeded airflow. 

An initial inspection will determine whether you have a short vent in relation to the frequency of usage.

Dryer Vent Length Requirements

The dryer vent needs to fall within a certain length as outlined by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). The exhaust duct cannot exceed 25-feet and should be as straight as possible. For every 90-degree turn in the vent, reduce the total length by five-feet. This does not include the length of the transition duct. InterNACHI does not establish a minimum length requirement.

We Make Dryer Vents Lint-Free

Too much lint in the dryer vent is a fire hazard. We recommend at the minimum an annual cleaning, along with an air duct and furnace cleaning. Begin the process by contacting Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. The dryer vent length will partially determine cleaning intervals.

Dryer Vent Lint Removal

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