Why Dirty Air Ducts Are Bad for Your Heath

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Having a dirty air duct means that more dust, pollen, and other impure particles will be in the air you breathe. This certainly does your health no favors. How exactly does a dirty air duct affect your health? What kinds of illness can arise?

What’s in the Air Inside the Home?

First, let’s examine common indoor contaminants and their sources. Pollutants, after all, don’t just enter the house from the outdoors. 

  • Pet dander
  • Volatile organic compounds from paint
  • Carbon monoxide and byproducts from gas stoves
  • Phthalate emissions from electronic plastic casings
  • Mercury fumes from broken compact fluorescent bulbs 

These can collect inside an air vent and later blow into the rooms when the AC or furnace comes on.

Common Illnesses from Dirty Air Vents

The most common illness is an allergic reaction. This includes all the mainstay symptoms, such as sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, and respiratory-related problems. Sinus infections are also common. Particles in indoor air will come into contact with your nasal passage. This can cause inflamed sinuses from contact with even benign air particles. 

That’s not all; for those with sensitive skin, exposure to pollutants can cause rashes, hives, and eczema.


Spring is not far off. This means the arrival of spring allergies. We suggest you make a head start on your spring cleaning by scheduling an air duct cleaning. This eliminates years of accumulated debris in your residential ductways. We also suggest investing in a dehumidifier. This prevents the spread of mold inside the ducts and in the air. Breathing mold-infested air is especially detrimental if you have a sensitive respiratory system.

Don’t Let Dirty Air Ducts Affect Your Health

End winter with an air duct cleaning from Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. We also suggest a dryer vent cleaning in the process as a safety measure. Dirty air ducts affect your health more than you realize; don’t ignore this part of home maintenance.

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