Fall Furnace Cleaning: Why Autumn Is the Season for Furnace Maintenance

fall furnace cleaningFall is here. This means the autumn chill is also fast approaching. Within the coming weeks, expect to turn up your furnace to keep your home cozy. Now is the time of year for a maintenance. Learn why a fall furnace cleaning is a must for optimum energy efficiency.

Why Fall Furnace Cleaning Matters

Mid to late fall is when households usually begin using their furnaces again after a long hiatus. Over the spring and summer, dust can accumulate in the air ducts that the heat travels through. This is also true of other materials, such as pollen, mold, and insect parts.

You also probably used the AC a lot between June and August. This causes airborne particulates to accumulate in the same ducts.

Early fall is the transition period between the summer heat and autumn chills. We believe this is the best timeframe in which to schedule a cleaning.

What Is Included in a Furnace Cleaning?

We clean every component of the furnace, including the filter, heat exchanger, and the blower. While cleaning the filter is a relatively easy DIY process, the others require professional cleaning.

We also go beyond cleaning to identify parts of the system that might require repairs.

We can detect, for example, leaks in the exhaust flue, which are especially common where the pipe and furnace connect. Openings create a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. While you can patch small holes with foil tape, corroded flues require a total replacement. During cleaning, the technician can also check for additional wear, such as slack or tension in the blower belt.

Schedule a Cleaning Before Firing up the Furnace

If you anticipate using the furnace more this fall, contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning. Autumn is the perfect time for a checkup of the HVAC, dryer vents, and other major household components. Fall furnace cleaning ensures cozy and clean air.

Fall Furnace and Air Vent Maintenance

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