What You Need to Know About Cigarette Smoke and HVAC Systems

HVAC cigarette smokeWe don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for your health. However, not many people are aware of the possibility of third-hand smoke from a neighbor in an apartment or condo. Yes, the residual fumes do spread from one living unit to another. Residents need to be aware of the connection between cigarette smoke and HVAC systems.

How HVAC Systems Cause Cigarette Smoke to Spread

We highly advise against smoking indoors if you live with other people. Even if you’re home alone, the residual smoke lingers for a long time. The carcinogens and other chemicals remain in the air and on furniture surfaces for hours.

You can minimize residual chemicals with regular dusting and vacuuming. However, some of the chemicals still remain in the inaccessible parts of the air vents. Every time you switch on the AC or furnace, the air just blows the chemicals back into the interior.

That’s not all. In apartments and condos, the air vents are interconnected and share a single HVAC system. If a neighbor or tenant from two doors down smokes, you can still suffer the third-hand effects.

Prevention Measures

If you’re a smoker, we strongly suggest lighting up outdoors. We also recommend regularly changing the HVAC filter or making sure the landlord does so. The filter is the first line of defense; it traps the contaminants and prevents them from escaping into the air.

You can also use an air sanitizer. While this won’t remove the chemicals, it will remove cigarette stench and other foul odors.

We Clean Ducts Inside Out

To completely remove third-hand smoke, call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to clean out the vents and replace the filters. We recommend a complete cleaning of the ducts, furnace, and dryer vents as autumn nears. Cigarette smoke and HVAC systems make for a dangerous combination.

Air Duct Cleaning and Filter Replacement

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