Hazards of Operating a Dryer Without a Vent

dryer vent hazardsSome homeowners who buy a new dryer don’t know how to hook it up to the vent. Instead of calling in an installer, they just use the dryer like normal without ever attaching the hose. Is this acceptable? No. There are hazards to operating a dryer without a vent.

Dryer Operation Without Vent Attachment; Yay or Nay?

In spite of what some people may say, the answer is an emphatic “no.” Operation in this manner can cause premature damage to the dryer; it is also creates safety hazards.

When the dryer is in operation, it emits moist air. The air has to go somewhere. Without a vent attachment, the air circulates into the home interior. Humid air combined with hot summers is the perfect recipe for mold growth. The air also contains microscopic lint particles, which you don’t want to breathe in.

Temporary Solutions

If you cannot install the vent hose for whatever reason, then you have a few temporary solutions available. First, clean the dryer vent and replace or clean the lint trap. If you don’t have the permanent hose attachment, you can acquire a temporary aluminum hose from your local Home Depot.

We have also read about a DIY hack that is an absolute no-no. Instead of hooking the hose to the vent, some homeowners place the end of the hose in a water bucket. People do this to keep the lint from flying around. However, the moist air still makes its way to the rest of the home.

We Provide Dryer Vent Resolutions

Summer is the time to call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for an air duct inspection as you increase AC use. Now is also the time to clean the furnace you’re not using it much. Remember, never operate the dryer without a vent because you’ll create a health hazard.

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