Cleaning Your A-Coil This Summer

A-coil cleaning, evaporator coil cleaningSummer is when homeowners really turn up the air conditioning. Before use, though, we recommend cleaning the air ducts and furnace. This also includes a thorough wipe-down of the A-coil—also known as the evaporator coil. Most homeowners overlook this component. A-Coil cleaning is necessary as part of routine HVAC maintenance.

What Is the A-Coil?

The A-coil/evaporator coil, is a triangular-shaped tube located above the furnace. Air passes over this component before exiting the vents and into the living space. The air flows across this coil whether you’re using the AC or heater.

Due to the constant shuttling of air, the coil surface is susceptible to contaminant buildup. It can accumulate dust mites, pet hair, insect parts, and microscopic allergens.

Does the A-Coil Require Cleaning?

You can perform a visual inspection if the coil is accessible and not encased. You can easily spot signs of debris buildup and grime. A dirty A-coil is usually also a sign that the filter is equally dirty. A clogged filter enables larger debris to slip through and cling to the coil. If the A-coil is filthy, then you need to schedule a professional cleaning.

A-coil cleaning is not a DIY project. The process requires professional equipment, such as a high-pressure air wand, non-rinsing coil cleaner, or air whip.

A Dirty A-Coil Enables Mold Growth

Mold growth in the ductwork is also more prevalent in the summer. A dirty A-coil/evaporator coil encourages the spread of mold spores. The coil is also prone to condensation buildup. Moisture combined with dust particles further promotes nasty fungi growth, including dangerous black mold.

We Clean A-Coils

Before increasing AC use, give Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning a call. Schedule a summer spring cleaning that includes duct, furnace, and dryer vent cleaning. Cleaning the A-coil at least once a year ensures optimal HVAC function and energy efficiency.

Complete Furnace and A-Coil Cleaning

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