Do You Have Leaky Air Ducts?

leaky air ductsHomeowners often think of the pipes or the roof when a leak comes to mind. Did you know, though, that air ducts are also susceptible to leaking? Not a leak of water, of course, but of air. In fact, according to one estimate, 10% of indoor air loss is due to leaky air ducts, thus contributing to energy waste.

Signs of Leaky Air Ducts

Higher Utility Bills—Is your utility bill gradually increasing month by month? If your household shows increased usage, then the ducts may be to blame. Air loss causes the HVAC unit to work harder compared to a unit hooked to a well-sealed air duct system. The effects eventually take a toll on your wallet.

Inconsistent Temperatures—Where does the escaped air go? Much of it escapes outside or into the attic. This also prohibits the air from reaching certain rooms. If you were to switch on the AC, you might feel the full effects in the living room but not in the personal bedrooms.

Mold Growth—In some instances, leaky air ducts erode the overall air quality, causing higher humidity. Excess moisture in the air combined with poor circulation leads to mold growth. This is especially bad news for occupants who are asthmatic or allergy-prone.

Back Drafting—Duct leaks also cause back drafting. This is when indoor air depressurizes, causing the HVAC to pull in outdoor air. As it does this, it also draws in pollutants. This can be particularly harmful if you reside in the urban areas of Seattle.

We Seal Residential Air Ducts

Spring is the ideal time of year for a complete checkup of the ventilation system, furnace, and dryer vent. Call Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to schedule a full residential inspection. A leaky air duct is no minor nuisance; it can be financially costly and an environmental hazard.

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