Does Your Ventilation System Have A Transite Duct?

transite ductYour ventilation system may or may not have a transite duct. If it does have one, then it requires regular cleaning along with the rest of the air duct system. We’ll explain how transite ducts work and why cleaning them is vital for healthy air circulation.

What Is A Transite Duct?

A transite duct is a PVC tube that runs under a home and extends to the house’s exterior. The structure consists of a single elongated tube that runs along the walls. A transite duct operates differently than conventional ductwork. The latter utilizes an upflow furnace that pushes air upwards to the ducts to provide air and heat to the home. Transite ducts, on the other hand, use a downflow furnace that pushes the air downwards to the ducts below.

Why You Need to Clean Transite Ducts

Transite ducts’ underground location makes the unit prone to various problems. Even though the duct is made from PVC, the elbows are constructed from metal. Underground environments are prone to moisture, and moisture causes metal to rust. Rust may cause the elbow to separate from the duct, leaving an opening that invites water, soil, sand, and other debris.

Insects are also more attracted to transite ducts due to the moist environment. Our technicians have found just about every common insect in these ducts, including spiders and centipedes, living and dead.

The cleaning process for transite ducts is also more complex and requires a cable brush or other agitation tool. You can’t clean these ducts using the standard air-pressure cleaning for regular vents.

We Clean Underground Transite Ducts

Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning to inspect your transite duct or to confirm that you even have this type of duct. We also do furnace and dryer vent cleaning. We think cleaning the transite duct and these other areas are a great way to start 2018.

Professional Transite Duct Cleaning!

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