Weird Items We Found Inside Air Ducts

air ductsOur technicians often discover the usual during a routine air duct cleaning. This includes swaths of dust balls, cockroach parts and droppings, and the occasional dead mouse. On rare occasions, we find weird items inside air ducts. This ranges from strange to downright gross stuff. To cap off 2017, we’ll share some of what we and other related companies have discovered over the years.

Strange and Weird Items Inside Air Ducts

We heard of a company that went to a house where the homeowner was complaining of poor airflow. A slab of sheetrock was inhibiting the air circulation. The technician broke through the sheetrock to discover a hidden storage area full of old VHS tapes. The homeowner misplaced the tapes months ago and couldn’t recall how they ended up in that location.

Air ducts also make great hiding places. Homeowners and/or their children may stash away items of a “sensitive” nature. This includes bags of weed, adult magazines, and other similar items that we’d rather not specifically mention.

Wildlife Inside the Ducts

At times, we discover animals, both living and long dead. We once serviced the home of a woman who took in homeless cats. One entered the ductwork and wouldn’t leave. Another incident included a 4-foot long python that entered the duct after escaping its terrarium. This was beyond our expertise, so we called animal control. Other times, we found dead animals other than the common house mouse. This includes opossums, raccoons, and other small wildlife common in the Pacific Northwest.

We’ll Clear Out Your Ductwork

End 2017 with a complete duct and dryer vent cleaning. We also recommend cleaning the furnace now that winter is around the corner. Contact Aurora Edmonds Furnace Cleaning for an inspection. You never know; we just might find some weird items inside your ductwork.

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