Can You Run Cables Inside the Air Ducts?

cables inside the air ductsAt times, when servicing a client’s ventilation system, our crew discovers cables inside the air ducts. This is becoming fairly commonplace, since the ducts provide an out-of-sight location for the tendrils of lengthy cords. However, is this really a wise practice?

The Problem with Running Cables Inside the Air Ducts

Air ducts are meant as a conduit for air, not wires. Putting cables inside the ductwork may even be a building code violation.

The main reason we’re against this practice is because a technician can damage your cables during an air duct cleaning. This could render your phone lines, Internet, and cable television inoperable. When we clean ventilation shafts, we use a rotary brush. The brush spins continuously in a single direction. This can catch, twist, mangle, and shred the cords, causing extensive damage—both to the cables and the rotary brush.

We have also discovered old wires the homeowner is unaware of. The previous homeowner left them behind and they sat undetected for years.

The Lesson?

Air ducts are not meant for holding cable wires. While the practice isn’t a severe hazard, we recommend keeping the ducts clear of any household objects. If you already have cables in the ducts and prefer not to remove them, then we can usually work around it. For public facilities, we strongly discourage it; you can land in hot water if a safety inspector discovers them during a building code audit. This could also be against the contract agreement if you reside in an apartment complex.

We Clean All Residential and Commercial Air Ducts

We recommend scheduling a furnace and dryer vent cleaning as part of an air duct inspection. This covers the essential areas of your home. Aurora Edmunds Furnace Cleaning does not recommend running cables inside your air ducts, though we can work around it.

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