Improve Indoor Air Quality by Removing Clutter

indoor air qualityMany homeowners blame indoor pollutants on mildew, mold, cigarette smoke, pet dander, etc. indeed, these are all common forms of pollutants. However, typical household clutter may affect indoor air quality as well.

How Clutter Creates Poor Indoor Air Quality

A cluttered space provides more surface area for pollen, dust, pollutants and other airborne particles to cling to. Excess clutter also means more hard-to-reach areas. Homeowners often ignore these spots, thus allowing more particles to accumulate over time.

A cluttered room also has less circulation. Of course, a clean air duct is essential for adequate circulation. However, even a clean ventilation system can only do so much if the room is littered with dust-covered junk.

Air quality aside, researchers have also linked clutter to numerous other health problems. Neuroscientists at Princeton University, for instance, discovered that clutter inhibits one’s ability to focus on cognitive tasks. If you believe in feng shui, some say that clutter also disrupts the flow of chi energy.

The Lesson? Clear Your Room

Any room can benefit from a bit of spring cleaning (even if it’s not spring). Follow these simple tips for a cleaner home interior:

  • Make a commitment to discard or give away at least 10 items from your closet
  • Keep all flat surfaces as clear as possible
  • Wash and put away dishes right away
  • Instruct your kids to put away their toys
  • Use kitchen carousels to keep appliances off of the counter
  • Limit decorative items with no functional use

Clutter-Free Rooms = Better Air Quality

2018 is still a few months away. Nevertheless, make an early resolution to clean your home. Hit up Aurora Edmunds Furnace Cleaning to inspect the dryer vent and furnace as part of a larger home maintenance plan. Clutter leads to poor air quality that causes all sorts of health issues.

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